San Francisco Creates a Social Network for Emergencies

A new social network is trying to redefine how we look at emergencies.

Instead of seeing them as a time when things fall apart – SF72 want you to see them as a time when people come together. This social support network aims to help people be more prepared and better informed for when disaster does actually strike. The city has collaborated with the design firm IDEO to create the online meeting place for people who want to be ready and are willing to help. This can include registering your home as somewhere people can stay if they lose their own, what supplies you have available – perhaps an inflatable raft during a flood – or what specialist skills you can offer to those in need.

While social media has been used by government agencies in the past, their efforts didn’t enable people to connect with each other, only offer help directly to said agencies. This new platform could allow people to connect with each other on an unrivaled scale and with unprecedented speed, making rescue efforts and aid immensely more powerful.

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Antibiotic apocalypse

A terrible future could be on the horizon, a future which rips one of the greatest tools of medicine out of the hands of doctors.

A simple cut to your finger could leave you fighting for your life. Luck will play a bigger role in your future than any doctor could.

The most basic operations – getting an appendix removed or a hip replacement – could become deadly.

Cancer treatments and organ transplants could kill you. Childbirth could once again become a deadly moment in a woman’s life.

It’s a future without antibiotics.

This might read like the plot of science fiction novel – but there is genuine fear that the world is heading into a post-antibiotic era.

The World Health Organization has warned that “many common infections will no longer have a cure and, once again, could kill unabated”.

The US Centers of Disease Control has pointed to the emergence of “nightmare bacteria”.

And the chief medical officer for England Prof Dame Sally Davies has evoked parallels with the “apocalypse”.

Antibiotics kill bacteria, but the bugs are incredibly wily foes. Once you start treating them with a new drug, they find ways of surviving. New drugs are needed, which they then find ways to survive.


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