This 3D-Printed Moon Base Might Be The Future Of Space Exploration

“so apparently it’s possible to 3D print in a vacuum”

Getting a permanent settlement on the moon has proven to be the stuff just of science fiction, but a new solution–being worked on now by Europe’s space agency–might be to simply print the building on the lunar surface.

If we’ve ever gotten a bit carried away with our excitement about 3D-printing’s potentialto change the world, we apologize. We’re over it: “Changing the world” feels a little quaint when you can change the moon.

That’s what’s up at London architecture firm Foster + Partners , working in collaboration with the European Space Agency (Europe’s answer to NASA). They’re spearheading an initiative to figure out if it’s possible to “print” a base on the moon’s south pole by running lunar soil (called regolith) through a 3D printer so that astronauts wouldn’t have to fly the material to make the base up themselves.

“3D printing offers a potential means of facilitating lunar settlement with reduced logistics from Earth,” the ESA’s Scott Hovland said in a statement. Essentially, It’s easier to build something on the moon when you don’t have to bring as much equipment there.

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