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  1. Anne-Marie Mason-Furrey

    This is Encouraging Research on the NOSH Aspirin. NOSH Aspirin offers cancer victims & their families hope. The FDA’s approval could become a useful tool in giving doctor’s another method of treatment.

    Additionally, NOSH Aspirin would help people like me who cannot take NSAIDS, such as regular Aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, etc., due to gastrointestinal bleeding.

    I am waiting to see with great expectation the FDA’s approval of the NOSH Aspirin.

    Our immediate family on my husband’s side has to date lost “9” family member’s to a variety of different cancers.

    More recently in August 2014 another male cousin was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor just below his knee that required surgery. His long-term outcome is unknown.

    I am concerned for & sinsitive to any person who comes down with cancer. However, my concern is very personal. My husband of nearly 47 years came down with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer that required an immediate Radical Prostectomy surgery in May 2012. His long-term outcome & his ultimate prognosis is uncertain.

    The FDA’s approval of the NOSH Aspirin would offer Hope to many. Would give doctor’s another method of treatment. And more importantly supports the Hippocratic Oath of, “Do No Harm.”

    Selfishly I ask you, “How many more of our family members have to die?” I do not want my husband to be number 10.

    Thank you for reading this personal account of our cancer experience.

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