Mar 282016


Researchers from the University of Louisville Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research have demonstrated a new way to extract energy from water vapor, leveraging the power of solar energy.

The new method could hold significant energy potential for coastal communities that lack access to fresh water, such as those found in California. The process involves using solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel from water vapor. In the past, researchers have used solar power to produce hydrogen, but through basic water electrolysis.

Proof-of-concept system shows that it can be used efficiently

The research team believes that this new method is a major breakthrough and could lead to the efficient production of hydrogen. The team has devised a proof-of-concept system that they have found to operate efficiently in realistic conditions on the surface of the ocean. While the technology behind the new system may be more than a decade away from commercialization, it does show significant promise in terms of energy production. It may also help overcome one of the challenges associated with solar power.

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