Jan 102016
via www.scmp.com

via www.scmp.com

China is well-known for investing in technological advancements – from space explorations to military warfare. In its latest groundbreaking invention, soldiers are now in possession of Star Wars-like laser guns.

This laser gun could soon have the ability to attack heat-seeking sensors on missiles, satellites and other warfare using breakthrough portable-laser technology. When the laser comes in contact with infrared missiles, their sensors become disabled, rendering them useless.

A team of Chinese researchers, led by Professor Zhi-Yuan Li of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Physics, decreased the size and mechanism that produces high-frequency laser down using a portable device the size of a suitcase. These can be easily mounted on tanks, aircrafts and can be used by the soldiers themselves.

“This is a groundbreaking achievement,” said a professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing who requested anonymity in the issue.

“Nobody has generated a laser at such a high frequency on a single piece of crystal before. Their technology will significantly simplify the process of ultrafast laser production and reduce the size of relevant devices,” added the anonymous professor.

Laser Technology Is Banned To Use In Warfare

The Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons which was updated on October 1995, an international convention and treaty, bans the use of lasers and blinding weapons used against enemies. It states that it is prohibited to employ laser weapons specifically designed to cause permanent blindness to unenhanced vision like the naked eye.

Though China aims to use its newest laser guns on optical and thermal sensors on vehicles, drones, robots and aircraft, the possession of this kind of technology is still fair game. Aside from damaging enemy targets, it can also pick up encrypted communications and detect stealth aircraft.

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