Aug 282014
world's first emotion detection app on Google Glass

world’s first emotion detection app on Google Glass

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS has adapted its SHORE™ real-time face detection and analysis software to work with Google Glass, the first app of its kind.

With the aid of Glass’ integrated camera, the app detects people’s faces and determines their emotions by analyzing their facial expressions. The so-called Glassware (Google Glass app) simultaneously gauges the person’s age or detects their gender among other things, but it cannot determine their identity. All calculations are performed in real-time by the CPU integrated in the eyewear. The image data never leaves the device.

The new development from Fraunhofer IIS is the first emotion recognition software in the world to function in real-time with Google Glass. This opens up an entire spectrum of new smart eyewear applications, including communication aids for people with disorders such as autism, many of whom have difficulty interpreting emotions through facial expressions.

This missing information could be superimposed in the person’s field of vision with data glasses. Even the visually impaired can benefit from the new software by receiving supplementary audio information about people in their surroundings. By taking advantage of the additional capability to determine someone’s gender or estimate their age, the software could be used in other applications such as interactive games or market research analyses.

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