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The cost of adding this type of wiring to a house being built is only about $200

Electric cars continue to gain ground on those powered by petrol, but a lack of publicly available charging stations means most owners have to take on the cost of installing their own – which can be quite expensive. In an effort to encourage ownership, the city council of Palo Alto has issued a mandate that requires new homes to come prewired for the installation of a 240-Volt Level 2 charging station.

The process for obtaining a permit to install a charging station in an existing home will also be streamlined, on top of incentives and strategies designed to encourage residents to buy their own environmentally friendly car. A surge in demand has also led to record use of the public charging stations in the city, something which could result in more publicly-available stations in the future.

The cost of adding this type of wiring to a house being built is only about $200, a fraction of the cost to retrofit an older house with the right electrical service and wiring.

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