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In the first couple days of its crowdfunding campaign, the Owlet baby monitor raises more than a third of its goal of $100,000.

The monitor measures heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temp, sleep quality, and more.

I confess: the first morning of my baby’s life I woke up with a jolt, terrified that because I’d slept so soundly she was surely no longer breathing.

Irrational? Yes, but it’s an all-too-common fear those first weeks of a newborn’s life — especially for those of us who have read the stats on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is theleading cause of death among babies in the US and claims the lives of almost seven infants every day.

Enter the Owlet Vitals Monitor, which just two days into its crowdfunding campaign has raised more than a third of its $100,000 goal. (After being rejected by Kickstarter, the “self-starter” campaign is being run on the monitor’s own Web site.)

The monitor, which is waterproof and tucks into a washable baby bootie, comes equipped with an accelerometer and four-sensor pulse oximeter to measure several health metrics, including heart rate, oxygen levels, body movement, skin temperature, and overall sleep quality.

Founded in 2012 by engineer and now father-to-be Kurt Workman, who was at least in part motivated by having lost a cousin to SIDS, the start-up Owlet Baby Care plans to sell each unit for $199 as early as November. (Early-bird units are currently $149.)

“Our situation is different than most campaigns: If we don’t deliver our product on time, then it loses value for parents,” Workman said in a news release, referring in part to the fact that most SIDS deaths happen between two and four months of age, making every passing week count. He adds that Owlet has already been working with its American manufacturers for two months, with the electronics fully functional and ready to be mass produced.

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