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Device for rapid and safe intravenous insertion reduces pain in hospitalized children

Administering fluids to patients is carried out through intravenous (IV) catheters, inserting a needle in a vein in a common medical procedure. However, the motor coordination required to insert an IV catheter is very demanding, particularly in children and infants. This often causes pain, distress and frustration.

To address this need, Hebrew University of Jerusalem students and Hadassah Medical Center clinicians, attending the joint Biodesign program, created a semi-automatic handheld device for rapid and safe IV insertion. Called SAGIV, the device uses infrared sights and electrical sensing to identify veins, insert the needle into the correct location, and withdraw it in a single, rapid robotic movement.

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“Inserting an IV is a demanding procedure, and many times children need to be pricked 5, 6 or more than 10 times for successful insertion,” said Dr. Yotam Almagor, the group’s clinical expert. “This leads to a lot of pain and frustration.” The group’s prototype, developed by engineering graduate student Lev Lavy, has already been tested successfully on children at the pediatric ward of Hadassah Medical Center. “We had a lot of excited parents asking that we use the device,” said Almagor. “Children that used to be pricked numerous times in every visit can now be connected in a single attempt.”

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