Aug 172013

Ubi Interactive has moved one step forward toward achieving visuals seen in science- fiction movies for years.

Ubi with assistance from Microsoft has created technology that will turn any surface into a touchscreen interface for your computer.

The system works with a regular projector from a computer in tandem with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor that has been popularized by its Xbox game system.

As reported by

“Ubi Interactive worked closely with Microsoft to create a system that uses a projector in combination with a Kinect sensor to create a virtual touchscreen that can be cast onto any surface. As many businesses already have projectors installed, most will simply be able to buy a Kinect for Windows sensor and Ubi’s $149 software to turn a projector into a touch-capable unit.”

The primary customers for this device will initially be business owners of course, as they already have projectors in their boardrooms and can use a tool like this to enhance presentations.

However, with technology like this the applications are as endless. Geek reports:

“Other potential scenarios cited by the company include stores projecting screens onto their windows for customers to interact with, even after-hours.

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