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As the wind sector continues to grow, the workers who inspect offshore turbines will need practical places to live.

The Wind Turbine Loft is a new kind of creative housing for this class of workers.

One day, wind turbines may not only power residential units. They’ll be residential units.

That’s the thinking behind the Wind Turbine Loft, an architectural project that seeks to create housing for the hordes of technicians who will some day need to monitor the well-being of offshore wind farms. This group is poised to become an increasingly important component of a post-oil energy sector.

Inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem “The City in the Sea,” mock-ups for the units show simple but spacious living accommodations complete with modern furniture, plants, natural lighting, and–of course–dazzling views of the heaving ocean and twirling turbines.

The project’s founders, Greta Dimitrova and Kiril Mandov of the Bulgarian architecture studio Morphocode, say that the current process of inspecting off-shore turbines for structural integrity and performance standards can mean turning off the turbines for several days at great expense. “The extreme height and the possibly short weather windows during which the whole inspection must be carried out make the task not only expensive but also risky for the safety of the support technicians,” they explain over email.

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