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Lightweight suit to increase the wearer’s strength and endurance

For decades engineers have built exoskeletons that use rigid links in parallel with the biological anatomy to increase the wearer’s strength and endurance, and to protect them from injury and physical stress. In recent years, a number of systems have been developed that show strong commercial potential for helping spinal-cord injury patients walk, or helping soldiers carry heavy loads. In these systems, there is an exoskeleton structure in parallel with the wearer’s skeletal structure that is typically connected at a few locations on the body using straps or belts. These devices use motors or elastic materials to assist with joint movements, thereby enhancing human power. However, exoskeletons often fail to allow the wearer to perform his or her natural joint movements, are generally heavy, and can hence cause fatigue.

The Wyss Solution

Targeting a specific set of applications where a wearer needs some partial assistance from a robot, Wyss Institute researchers are pursuing a new paradigm: the use of soft clothing-like “exosuits.”

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via The Wyss Institute at Harvard

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