May 272013

Quadcopters are becoming more and more popular with radio-controlled model enthusiasts, but sometimes … sometimes you still just want to remotely-control a car.

If that’s the case with you, then UK-based product designer Witold Mielniczek has got you covered. His prototype vehicle, known simply as B, functions as both a quadcopter and an off-road racer.

The rear wheel-drive vehicle has a tough polycarbonate body, and four wheels referred to as driving rings. Each ring is driven not by a center-mounted axle, but instead by cog mechanisms at the bottom of the rim. This leaves the center of the rings clear for four 7-inch propellers, which allow the vehicle to get airborne on the fly (no pun intended).

The driving rings are flexible and removable, so they won’t snap every time B makes a hard landing. The propellers are also flexibly-mounted, adding to the vehicle’s crash-worthiness.

Power is provided by an 11.1-volt lithium-polymer battery, which reportedly provides up to 15 minutes of combined driving and flying per charge. Additionally, an onboard 720p video camera can record point-of-view footage to a Micro SD card.

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  1. Best flying Rc Car design ever. But it will always be just a dream. Well designed concept. It is different and thought provoking. Plus, it can actually be used in reality with little change. This concept should encourage more practical designs, soon. Thanks for sharing …..

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