May 182013

It’s sad to note how collective humanity has done an ostrich on the warnings about the machines.

Still the NFL exists, robbing us of our best and brightest, who will no longer be available for thecoming war with SkyNET. Conferences on what to do about the surely coming robot horde haveproduced little in the way of a path forward and have gone relatively unreported in any case. Due to this, we know very little about what form the non-existent threat of terminator-like metal monsters will take. Will they simply wage war against us? Will they syphon our body heat for energy? Will they farm our skin and dance around in it to Goodbye Horses, like some kind of graphite Buffalo Bill?

Not according to Rice University professor Moshe Vardi, who claims that they have a far more terrifying plan in store: displacing the human workforce.

According to Vardi, sometime around the year 2045, you won’t have a job any longer because the robots will have taken it away from you.

In recent writings, Vardi traces the evolution of the idea that artificial intelligence may one day surpass human intelligence, from Turing to Kurzweil, and considers the recent rate of progress. Although early predictions proved too aggressive, in the space of 15 years we’ve gone from Deep Blue beating Kasparov at chess to self-driving cars and Watson beating Jeopardy champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Extrapolating into the future, Vardi thinks it’s reasonable to believe intelligent machines may one day replace human workers almost entirely and in the process put millions out of work permanently.

Well, looking back through the history of technological progress, you can certainly see his point. And once you’ve seen that point, you can laugh at it. And once you’ve laughed at it, you can call his local police station and request that they remove any science fiction movies from his home by force, because he’s clearly seen too many of them.

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via Techdirt –  Timothy Geigner

It would be a mistake to underestimate the speed of evolution of machines and the effect of this on human endeavors . . .

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