Mar 062013
Toyota rocked the automotive world a few hours ago with full details of a new form of transport it will exhibit at the Geneva Motor Show which begins tomorrow.

Toyota’s i-ROAD is a fully-enclosed, two-seater, three-wheeled, fully-electric, Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV).

The i-ROAD incorporates what Toyota is calling Toyota ‘Active Lean’ technology, which “automatically balances the vehicle when cornering or traveling over stepped surfaces” according to the press statement.

The 850mm width of the i-ROAD is not much greater than a conventional two-wheeler. (Piaggio’s MP3 three wheeler is 760 mm wide), so it is reasonable to assume the i-ROAD as easy to maneuver as a scooter or motorcycle through urban traffic, meaning that Toyota, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, looks set to create a competitor to the motorcycle, but with greater comfort, stability and safety.

The i-ROAD’s electric powertrain is only good for a range of 30 miles, but can be recharged from a conventional power supply in just three hours.

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