Jan 212013
China’s first 3D Printing Experience Pavilion is officially opened on Jan 15th in Beijing DRC Industrial Design and Cultural Industry Base.

Visitors are able to walk through the Pavilion experiencing 3D scanning and 3D printing. At the 3D printing photo booth, visitor is required to keep still for 10 minutes while a scanner captures the data. In three or four hours a statuette is printed out on a 3D color printer.

In addition to the 3D Photo Booth, there are also a collection of 3D printed products on display. Cans, rings, miniatures, iPhone cases and vases are all printed out on 3D printer.

The company behind is Beijing Suntop-Tech, a Stratasys distributor for the Fortus and Dimension 3D printer. Suntop-Tech launched early 3drp.cn website, a 3D printing online service platform. Users can upload and print their own 3D creations through the site and sell them to other users.

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