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Up to 20 tags can be paired to one phone

If the number of “finding” systems cropping up lately is anything to go by, we seem to be quite a forgetful bunch. One of the latest such systems, known as StickNFind, looks to be particularly simple – just some little adhesive tags, and an app on the user’s smartphone.

The tags are about the size and shape of an slightly-fat U.S. quarter dollar. Each one contains a circuit board, a replaceable watch battery, a buzzer and an LED light. They also each have an adhesive backing, which allows them to be stuck to things like keys, TV remotes, or any number of other things that tend to go AWOL.

Using a custom app on a paired iOS or Android smartphone, users can assign specific tags to specific objects. Should they subsequently need to find one of those objects, a display on the phone’s screen will show them how far away it is – as long as it’s within the maximum range of about 100 feet (30 meters).

It won’t show what direction the object lies in, but users can determine that by moving in different directions and seeing if they get closer or farther away from the item. They can also simply get the app to sound the buzzer, illuminate the light, or do both on the missing object’s tag.

If the object is out of range, users can instruct the app to notify them when they – and their phone – later get within its range. The app can also alert users when a tagged object moves more than a given distance away (useful if the tag is attached to a child in a shopping mall, for instance), or when they forget an object and walk away without it (also useful if the tag is attached to a child in a shopping mall, perhaps).

Up to 20 tags can be paired to one phone. When any of their batteries get low, the user will be notified via the app.

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via Gizmag – Ben Coxworth

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