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Users are said to have reported “high satisfaction” with the device

If a woman wishes to avoid pregnancy for the time being, but thinks she might want to get pregnant at some point in the future, then using an intrauterine device (IUD) is often a good course of action – the simple devices are now the world’s most common form of birth control, as used by women. However, while IUDs are generally fairly safe and reliable, complications can occur. Now, Israel’s OCON Medical has announced the forthcoming availability of something that it claims is considerably safer and more effective – the Intra Uterine Ball, or IUB.

Most IUDs are two-dimensional T- or U-shaped devices. They are inserted into the uterus, where they can stay for up to ten years, preventing sperm from fertilizing an egg – they also make it difficult for fertilized eggs to adhere to the wall of the uterus, should any sperm slip past them. When the user decides to try for a baby, the IUD can simply be removed.

In some cases, however, the device can perforate the wall of the uterus, causing vaginal bleeding. It can also sometimes not position itself correctly upon insertion, or be expelled by the uterus.

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  1. Have tested the IUB. It is hoax. About 20% expulsions in a canadian study within a half year. The same in Austria. Doctors replace the IUB free of charge by iuds with much lower expulsion rates in clinical trials. E.G. Dr. Macho in Vienna. The IUB has the potential of becoming a new Dalcon shield. The ISO 7439 allows only less than 10 expulsions per 100 user at the end of the first year. Propagators are also be blamed.

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