Aug 272012

We want to thank everyone for your support and interest over the past 5 years.  This is our 5th anniversary so it is time for a functionality upgrade.

Innovation Toronto started out as a support effort for the 2nd ever Startup Weekend in 2007.  It has grown over the intervening years into a passion about what’s coming next – the good, the bad & the ugly!

We believe that this is the most exciting and dangerous time in human history to be alive.  Great opportunities, great challenges and great people doing amazing things.

Search has always been the easiest way to find things on this site.  Our categories section started out as a little more than personal commentary on things we thought were of particular importance or things that we thought we all needed to pay a little more attention to.

This our very round-about way of announcing some exciting visual and organizational changes to the site that we believe will make it much simpler to find what you are looking for, or, to explore areas of interest a little more easily.

We hope you enjoy the changes.  Don’t worry if some of the areas are a little short on content for the moment – we are in the process of changing everything over on 5,000+ posts so it is going to take a little time to complete.

There are now 2 new things to pay attention too:

  1. A new category bar under the header.  This is where to find articles more easily on general and specific areas of interest.  It is a cascading system of ever-greater focus.  You will be able to find ALL items on a general topic by clicking on it directly (e.g. Energy).  Each of the sub-categories will refine the interest areas even further to make your search even easier.
  2. A new Topic bar above the header.  For some time now we have been including the latest articles on given key phrase topics in with our general postings.  From now on, you will be able to see and access the very latest news, videos and views from the blogosphere on the topics that you want the very latest information on.
  3. The category list on the right column will be updating as well to reflect the changes.

Please be patient as this is going to take a while to implement fully.  Thanks to Jack Whyte, Sue Patel, Ingrid Boss and Sean Parker for your support and suggestions.

* Please note that some browsers may have difficulty in resolving tile pages. In order to see all articles we suggest your refresh the page you are having difficulty with. We are working to resolve this asap.

As always, we invite your ideas and input to try and make Innovation Toronto evolve into something we can all find of use.

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