Aug 062012

Is this the future of 3D printing?

Cubify robots are snap-together, poseable toys that can be ordered directly or downloaded as files and made by the user.

Toys are showing what the market for 3D printing will look like, with the announcement that 3D Systems are releasing a collection of Cubify toy robots designed specifically for printing on its Cube home 3D printer. The snap-together, poseable toys are made from colorful LEGO-like plastic and can be downloaded as ready-to-print files for 99 cents, or ordered directly from Cubify to be printed and delivered to your door for $4.99.

The robots have different features like ray-guns and rocket-packs, which are interchangeable, so you can swap their printed parts for lots of color and shape combinations. Cathy Lewis, vice president of global marketing for 3D Systems, said:

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via PSFK – Emma Hutchings

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