Jul 102012

A toilet paper roll

Want to wipe away disease in Africa?

You need to start with better sanitation. And this toilet paper rolls up both your own cleanliness and a donation to that cause into one convenient package.

If you’ve ever thought: “There isn’t anything left that an enterprising social entrepreneur could attach a buy-one give-one model to”–then you clearly haven’t met Simon Griffiths. Griffiths is the founder of Who Gives A Crap. Who Gives A Crap sells toilet paper. And when you buy Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, 50% of your money goes toward building toilets in the developing world. Now you can think there isn’t anything left to attach a buy-one give-one model to.

Who Gives A Crap (incubated, in part, at the Unreasonable Institute) works as follows: It has made recycled toilet paper that it claims is softer and more lovely than the usual, horrible recycled toilet paper. It’s going to sell that toilet paper, and, because TP is one of those recession-proof products, it’s going to make some money. And half that money is going to go to Water Aid, which will use it to improve sanitation in Africa.

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