Jul 242012

It is mainly useful to spray water, herbicides and pesticides in the fields

The idea behind his invention-the stationary bicycle was born out of the acute need that farmers faced in his hometown. Hailing from the village of Khor in Daund Taluka, fourth year mechanical engineering student from VIT, Sameer Dombe has perfected the design for a cycle, which he claims will be of utmost use to farmers. Dombe says that it is mainly useful to spray water, herbicides and pesticides in the fields.

“A major problem that a lot of villages in rural Maharashtra face is that of electricity. The problem of load-shedding is severe and has been so for the last 12-14 years. Hence I wanted to do something to help them out. The bicycle has a driver pulley and a piston pump attached to it. As a person pedals it generates power, which is converted to energy used for spraying,” he says.

Lack of rain has also been an inspiration for him. Dombe mentions, “There is an acute problem of the same. Using the cycle one can water up to one acre of fields at a time. Pipes upto 300 feet in length can be attached and used.” In his final year at VIT, Dombe mentions that there was a lot of support from the staff at his college. “My professors and friends helped a lot with the design, calculations and final product. They helped me with the prototype testing and working of the same,” he adds.

Since the need for electricity is completely eliminated, he says that farmers can also cut down on their electricity bills, something that is very important for people living in the rural areas, where lack of money is one of the major problems.

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