Jul 082012

“My invention is accurate to within a half-inch of the optimal loading spot.”

Farmers who have have wrestled with positioning a trailer for loading and unloading usually have more than a semi load of frustrating tales to share.

Unless the auger or other loading system is properly positioned to the sweet spot of the trailer being loaded , the payload of wheat or other produce can result in unfilled, wasted space within the trailer. It also can result in spillage on the ground when a load overflows the top of trailer.

Until recently, the only way to position a trailer for loading and unloading has been a tedious process of trial and error; backing and moving the load backward and forward, climbing in and out of the cab, and checking and rechecking the loading position. The process is dangerous, time consuming and full of wear and tear on the driver.

Inventor Larry M. Mosbrucker, a 49-year-old New Salem farmer, has created a new laser device that takes the guess work out of positioning semi loads for loading and unloading.

Called the STOPSENSOR, Mosbrucker’s invention fires a laser beam at the trailer that reflects back to the sensor when a beam hits a reflector mounted on the trailer marking the sweet spot for loading or unloading. Once the reflector beams back, a red light on the sensor signal the trucker that the trailer is properly positioned for accepting its load.

“The STOPSENSOR eliminates the trial and error required to park the trailer so the loading system hits the sweet spot. It removes all of the backing, jumping down from the cab and checking and rechecking trailer position,” Mosbrucker says. “My inventions is accurate to within a half-inch of the optimal loading spot.”

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