Jul 062012

A ‘MIRACLE’ breakthrough in DNA technology has been unveiled for the first time in Warrington.

The new technology, designed in America, will eventually allow police to check the DNA of a suspect in 90 minutes.

Paul Hackett is managing director of Key Forensics, the Birchwood-based company that has become the first in Europe to produce the RapidHIT system.

He said: “The fastest we can do it at the moment is 10 hours with a whole lot of people on a real premium one-off, multi-million pound service.

“It often takes days. This condenses the whole lab process into a single instrument “It’s man on the moon for forensic science.”

The breakthrough means a process that can only be currently be completed in around six laboratories across the country has been reduced down to a box the size of a desktop printer.

During its launch at Birchwood Park last Wednesday three members of the audience were tested and recieved a DNA profile in three hours.

Mr Hackett believes the increased speed of testing will lead to a reduction in crime as police will be able to tie suspects to a crime scene more quickly.

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