Jul 202012

Fatima Al-Azzani

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce held an exhibition of Yemeni inventions, as well as granting the first patent.

The exhibition aimed to develop the inventions and encourage inventors to invest in new ideas and valuable businesses that help foster the revival of social and civil development. It is the first of its kind in Yemen. According to the exhibition, no patent can be sold or distributed without the consent of the owner of the invention.

The exhibition involved a lot of worthwhile research as well as a range of various scientific advancements from the inventors, who hailed from all over the country.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Saeed Al-Deen Bin Talib, said the exhibition was an economic, civilized and qualitative advance for Yemen due to the scientific research, inventions and innovations it included.

Talib added that the exhibition aimed to allow the inventors to display their ideas and to speak out about their innovations; its aim was also to facilitate the exchange of experience and the development of research.

“This exhibition helped stimulate the companies and corporations to invest in the sector of inventions based on contracts with the inventors themselves and the foundations adopting them,” he said.

Many male and female inventors took part in the exhibition.

Engineer Mohammed Al-Afeefi, head of the maintenance unit at Yemen TV, was among the participants in the exhibition. His invention was a device to alleviate smoking for those who watch television.

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