Jun 202012

$50 for each robot and matching controller

The last time we saw someone move the game on for Rock’em Sock’em Robots, it was a motion-controlled experiment that was unlikely to see the light of day. Tomy must have been frustrated enough waiting for the practical reality to take matters into its own hands, as it’s just unveiled the BattroBorg 20, a fighting robot that… lets you take matters into your own hands. The toy uses a Wii-style nunchuk motion controller that translates the player’s own thrusts into the plastic robot’s punches. Each robot can tell if it’s been decked, although it takes just five punches to win by TKO — these aren’t exactly Queensbury rules. At an estimated $50 for each robot and matching controller on the July 14th release date.

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via Engadget – Jon Fingas

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