Jun 252012

Now here’s a clever solution for transporting, storing and charging multiple tablet computers.

The PowerCRATE is a portable (you can even air-freight tablets in situ) solution for charging 25 tablets simultaneously without connecting any power leads. Any brand of tablet can be used (including iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface), charging can be on demand or programmed to take advantage of night-time electricity tariffs, each tablet can be locked inside its individual charging bay, it can be ordered with wheels and it stacks up to four units horizontally or two units vertically.

I can see schools all the world over seeing this news for the first time and immediately allocating one or more Powercrates for next year’s budget due to the portability the solution offers, not to mention the security of the computers.

The X2 PowerCRATE also includes LED battery charge status indicators for each device and temperatures in the PowerCRATE are monitored digitally with forced air circulation maintaining optimum operating temperatures.

Also available is an ATA 300 compliant high protection lid with built-in handle and wheels if transportation, including by air freight, to other locations is required.

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via Gizmag – Mike Hanlon

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