Jun 282012
Google Glass

Wearers of the futuristic glasses can record what they are seeing on the in-built camera and access information on what’s around them

Google today unveiled its latest invention – a pair of high-tech glasses which can video everything you see.

The computer giant introduced the device at a launch event showing live feeds from the cameras on glasses worn by sky-divers.

As the daredevils jumped out of a blimp flying above San Francisco, attendees at Google’s I/O event watched the video footage from their perspective.

They also watched the live stream from cyclists jumping over ramps then riding into the conference room.

 The device has a camera to capture fleeting moments and allow others to see the world through your eyes.

It also houses a speaker, microphones as well as a processor and sensors which can give users information on what they are seeing.

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via Mirror – Paul Cockerton

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