Apr 292012

Cost-effective cure for ‘concrete cancer’?

‘Self-healing’ concrete is being developed by researchers at Northumbria University which could see cracks in concrete buildings become a thing of the past.

Dr Alan Richardson, a Senior Lecturer in Construction in the School of the Built and Natural Environment, is using a ground-borne bacteria – bacilli megaterium – to create calcite, a crystalline form of natural calcium carbonate. This can then be used to block the concrete’s pores, keeping out water and other damaging substances to prolong the life of the concrete.

The bacteria is grown on a nutrient broth of yeast, minerals and urea and is then added to the concrete. With its food source in the concrete, the bacteria breeds and spreads, acting as a filler to seal the cracks and prevent further deterioration.

It is hoped the research could lead to a cost-effective cure for ‘concrete cancer’ and has enormous commercial potential.

While further research is needed, Dr Richardson is hopeful that the repair mortar will also be effective on existing structures.

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via Science Daily

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  2 Responses to “Self-Healing Concrete?”

  1. At what stage is this process at? Will it pass Australian Standards?
    Can I use the Technology in Australia on your behalf and what training requirements will I need to effectively apply the self healing concrete.

    I would be able to travel to Toronto to discuss further.

    Kind Regards


    • Anthony,

      Good question. We would suggest you contact the inventor for further details. They would likely be very interested in talking to you. Let us know how it goes.

      Good Luck!


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