Apr 062012

Growing the Internet, like a seed

Tell us about KeyWiFi?

What we’ve done is we have created a solution that enables the providers of Internet and the ISPs to benefit from their capacity to share. The problem for the individual is Internet’s too expensive. We’ve solved that. The problem for the person who’s paying for Internet is they’re out a lot of the time, and when they’re in, they’re not fully utilizing the Internet, so they can easily share that resource or resell it. Problem for the ISP is they have no access to the base of the pyramid market that is economically sustainable. With us, they do, and they’ll make money out of it as well.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Across the globe, people need to get online and to get online at a price that they can afford. $50 or even $30 a month is just way beyond the price that most people on this planet can afford, that most people will ever be able to afford, and the reality of the world is that just because somebody can afford something, doesn’t mean they’re never going to get it. That’s ridiculous.

What are the benefits of these shared systems?

If you consider that 85% of the people on the planet are going to be living in cities by 2050, then you can see that there’s going to be a need for more efficient ways of living together and dealing with a lack of resources. So, if we can share more as an ideal, the more sustainable we are and the smaller we are as human beings living on a small planet. We also end up tightening communities and creating trust and creating better human networks, so it’s a win?win?win.

It’s a win on economics, on the social, it’s a win on the empowerment, and it’s a win in terms of getting services that we need, or the use of products that we need at a lower cost. It also creates another really exciting thing, which is the tendency to manufacture products that last longer and work better, as opposed to products that are just designed to break down quickly.

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