Feb 152012

United Academics is an Internet startup.

Innovation Toronto has run across a very interesting organization out of Europe that we thought you might like to know about.   We hope that you will enjoy their story below and visit them to find out more . . .

United Academics is an Internet start-up, providing a platform where one can easily share and find academic content while connecting with other academics. Members can publish, discuss and comment on academic works, collaborate on developing new knowledge, and stay informed on their field of interest.

The company was founded in 2007 by Louis Lapidaire to help academics from all over the world to interact, communicate, publish and share their ideas. Publishing and promoting scientific works is a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. In addition, not all works are freely accessible for students, scientists and businesses. Therefore useful knowledge is not often used to its fullest potential or even gets lost.

Our mission is connect science and society. To create a world where academic knowledge is easily accessible for everyone. Where everybody with the right skills set can publish academic works. Where the author decides on copyrights and incentives. Where peer review becomes a test of quality, rather than a barrier to publish. A place where companies, institutes and academics together collaborate on developing knowledge. A platform that unites Science & Society.


We run a peer-reviewed and open access Journal of Social Sciences which publishes themed issues bimonthly, each consisting of a collection of articles, work-in-progress pieces and book reviews.

Our publishing team also produces a monthly popular-scientific magazine that discusses every kind of research on the edge of science and society.

Design and IT development

Last week our Design and IT Development team launched the first version of our Academic Job Portal, where we collect academic vacancies  such as PhD., postdoc, scientific and teaching opportunities. We welcome universities and research centers to share their vacancies on our portal for free.

Work in progress

2011 has been a year of hard work. From brainstorming sessions to user interface tests, the team has been involved in the creation of new interactive tools to make life easier to both established academics and students.
Soon we will be launching the alpha version of Print2Book, a fast solution to print academic works such as journals, theses or books. Moreover, this year we will also be working on the development of Study Manager, an easy access point for students to find their study books and buy them online.

United Academics Blog, your dose of daily popular-science news.

We are specialized in scientific journalism and publish hot science news. Every Wednesday we release a Podcast featuring the broadest range of new research with guest speakers from around the globe.

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