Feb 282012
Laser Photonics lab

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“Photonics brings true parallel processing, emulating the human brain”

A firm headed by an Indian American has claimed to have achieved a breakthrough in Physics which will profoundly change the IT world and cut down ever-rising demand for power in computing.

At the core of this breakthrough is to get the element Germanium to act as a laser, for use as a light source on a new generation of mass produced silicon semiconductor chips using light particles or photons, instead of electronics for its functions- i.e. photonic chips.

The breakthrough by entrepreneur Dr Birendra Raj (Dutt) along with a top team of researchers at his own company APIC Corporation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University will result in computer chips providing much greater performance at a tiny fraction of current power usage.

IIT Kharagpur alumni Dutt is CEO of APIC Corporation.

“APIC has achieved creating a Germanium LASER, until now thought to be impossible. Take these results as the Kitty Hawk demonstration where it was shown that manned flight was ac

hievable,” said Tony Tether, former Director of US Defence research organisation DARPA.

Dutt and APIC have teamed with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in New York State (CNSE), with a plan of producing a fully manufacturable photonic chip in 2 years using this technology.

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