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There’s a revolution happening on the selling floor.


It’s Mobile Point-of-Sale, and it’s changing the way retailers do business. In its latest retail solution breakthrough, KWI offers this exciting new technology as a Cloud-based service: KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS.

Fans of Apple’s intuitive technology will be thrilled with KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS. It simply uses an Apple iPod touch, and technology from industry leader VeriFone GlobalBay, to deliver much of the same advanced technology used in Apple’s own stores. Totally unplugged and completely customer-centric, it transforms every sales associate into a full-service checkout station, allowing uninterrupted transactions that deepen customer relationships.

This state-of-the-art retailing advance costs far less than the cumbersome hardware of traditional POS. It’s also easy it is to implement and learn, thanks to Apple’s user-friendly technology.

“This technology is a real game-changer,” affirms Sam Kliger, KWI founder and CEO. “We’re getting our clients in on the vanguard of Mobile POS. And with the KWI version, they also get the assurance of store-tested reliability. That’s a long-standing KWI tradition. Historically, we never introduce a new product or service until we have fully proven it to our level of excellence in a functioning retail environment.”

Highlight capabilities of KWI Cloud 9 include:

— Freedom from traditional POS. The solution bypasses traditional in-store POS and integrates directly with retailers’ existing ERP systems.

— Plug-and-play deployment. Devices ship to each retail store location. Associates open the box, log in to the device, and they have every store function in the palm of their hands. When their shift is over, the next associate can log in on the same device.

— Scan, lookup, pay. Associates scan item barcodes to add them to the purchase. Item lookup can display rich content, pricing, and descriptions that associates and customers can view together. The device accepts card payments, customers sign with a fingertip, and the transaction is complete.

— Email receipts. Customers are offered the convenience of receiving electronic receipts. Because providing their email address benefits them, they are more likely to opt-in to future communications from the retailer.

— Customer relationship management. Customers who have made previous Mobile POS transactions are recognized without entering any information. Associates see information about the customer’s recent purchases, lifetime totals, and more.

— Inventory & receiving. Using the same device, associates can perform inventory receiving, transfer in/out, cycle count, and more.

— Real-time data & reporting. Because in-store batch processes are bypassed, information about sales and inventory is available in real time for flash sales reporting and locating products for customers.

The KWI Mobile POS has already gone live at specialty retailer Brighton Collectibles. More than 350 devices were successfully installed in 170 Brighton stores, transforming the customer experience during their 2011 Holiday season.

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