Jan 142012

New Article GeneratorWe have been experimenting with an exciting new approach to improve your information experience.

If you view our latest articles, you will notice that we have begun to post 8 “micro-articles” at the end of each post.

These articles are selected from the latest information available and refresh automatically based on key words. There are two categories of articles to check: “News” and “Video”.

If the key word represents an ongoing area of interest for you, we invite you to bookmark the page and check back regularly for the latest information.

Over time we will be revamping each of the thousands of articles in our database to include this exciting new change.

Try it out by clicking on the “video” button below. As usual, your ideas and comments on this new approach are always welcome.



Bookmark this page for “innovation invention” and check back regularly as these articles update on a frequent basis. The view is set to “news”. Try clicking on “video” and “2” for more articles.

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