Jan 312012

What’s the best way to stop slavery?

If you’re MTV, the answer is with $10,000 and a country of digitally minded students looking to make a difference. MTV and mtvU, its activism-minded sibling, are announcing the next step of the “Against Our Will” campaign to raise awareness about modern day slavery.

The program, called the Against Our Will Challenge, calls on students to create an innovative digital tool that will raise awareness and hopefully stop slavery. The rules are wide open, allowing the contestants to build whatever they think will do the most good, whether that’s a video game, a text service, a widget or even a clever use of an API. The winning team will get a $10,000 prize and the chance to develop the idea with mtvU and the campaign’s partners LexisNexis Legal & Professional.

This isn’t the first time that MTV and mtvU, which focuses on activism in college students, have empowered their mostly young audience to get involved with important social issues. The network has created projects such as “Darfur Is Dying,” a game raising awareness about refugees in Darfur; “Pos or Not,” a site fighting HIV stereotypes; “Draw Your Line,” a digital tool to stop digital abuse and cyberbullying; and “My College Dollars,” a Facebook app that helps students get college funding, to name a few.

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