Dec 192011
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Nordic Innovation is a free, online magazine showcasing all areas of innovation in the Nordic region.

The third issue of the magazine has just been released and its over-60 pages are filled with useful and interesting information.

The theme of the magazine’s third edition is ‘playing with innovation’ – with articles about how creative entrepreneurs can play with the concepts of innovation with surprising and positive results.

Nordic Innovation is intended for people all over the world and is written about the entire Nordic region. It is based in Iceland and is published by Klak Innovation Centre.

“The theme of this third issue of Nordic Innovation is ‘playing with innovation’. We got three innovators to answer questions related to how to play with innovation,” the magazine’s editor says. “They helped us to explore the concept. It is not about efficiency but effectiveness, it is about being fearless to create new things and it is about the tolerance of failure. Companies and individuals need to play with innovation like they were kid-curious about the world.”

This third issue of Nordic Innovation discusses the gaming industry and gaming companies.

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Congratulations Nordic Innovation – IT

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