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Repeat of a very funny comment . . .

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As a current, and aghast, resident of the US, I welcome the opportunity to bid on this formerly great, but now laughably bombastic, country.

Although I revel in the glorious climate of northern California, I will, if I am the successful bidder ( which I plan to be, as I don’t see anyone exceeding my bid, which will be in the middle four figures – CASH ) wish to move the continental US to an area between Hawaii and the current mainland, where I believe the climate may be even more salubrious.

I plan to leave Alaska right where it is. Having just spent a week in Juneau, I prefer that it remain in place, mainly because of the splendid fresh fish and the bald eagles, which I would not wish to inconvenience.

Where the US was formerly located, I’m thinking of building the world’s largest Walmart.

Before I submit my formal bid, would you ps advise who will be responsible for shipping costs? I need to tell you, frankly, that this could be a dealbreaker for me. Let me point out that Amazon’s policy is free shipping for orders over $25.

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