Nov 122011
A diagram of the forces on the brain in concussion

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Battle Sports Science is pleased to launch Impact Indicator – a revolutionary concussion-detecting device, which is worn by athletes on the chinstrap of their helmets.

Impact Indicator measures the G-force, duration and severity of a ‘hit’ by using intelligent software & micro sensors. An external LED indicator instantly activates when a hit of 240 HIC (Head Injury Criteria) is registered. An impact of 240 HIC means the player has a 50% chance of concussion. Once activated, the player can be removed from play and assessed by the coach and medical staff prior to returning to play.

The unobtrusive Impact Indicator retails for $200 CDN and is offered in hockey, football and lacrosse models. It is available to coaches and players through Battle Sports Science.

Former NHL player and Impact Indicator spokesman Keith Primeau will host a media event on November 14, 2011 at Bottomline Restaurant in Toronto to announce the launch of Impact Indicator to the Canadian market.

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