Sep 302011

Tri-Beka has developed a new innovative invention for patented “Green” Technology for producing Solar Energy.

With its versatile Solar Power capabilities, the EPOD (Electrical Power on Demand) is a Solar Powered Generator that can support multi-purpose use. The EPOD can support the electrical needs of large RV’s, safety within the construction field, easy transportation and storage for campers, fits the needs of survivalist, and is portable. In development are accessories for the EPOD that will be compatible to all other units within the EPOD Family. The Epod can be linked parallel to other units so that larger electrical capabilities can be met within various project demands. With a starting price of $1000, the EPOD generates up to 10 hours of battery backup reserve power within the unit. The office of Tri-Beka Enterprises is currently being powered by one EPOD. It supports the office air conditioner, lights, fan, and all office equipment.

When comparing the EPOD to other Solar Powered Generators on the market, it produces more power in a smaller package and is more mobile. The EPOD produces about the same power as a 2500 continuous watts gasoline generator with a peak of 4000 watts. Compare this to a gasoline powered generator and you have a quiet unit that does not require gasoline or oil to keep it running and produces no pollutants or heat. The Solar Generator is equipped with a push start button to engage the system, compared to the manual powered pull system that a gas generator uses to engage the device. The only maintenence of the EPOD is the replacement of the battery after about 5 years under normal use.

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