Sep 092011
The Main Building of Tomsk State University.

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Scientists in Tomsk have invented a new metal coating, capable of prolonging the working life of parts made from aluminum, magnum, titanium, zirconium and nickel, protecting them against corrosion and making  them more wear and tear proof.

The metal coating is widely used in aviation, automobile industry, machine construction, as well as in the construction industry. The new invention  gives items additional properties. For example, aluminum becomes 4-5 times stronger, while steel becomes harder.

The scientists from the Tomsk State University, led by Professor Anatoly Mamayev have created a new class of inorganic metal coatings which is broader than the metal and polymer one.

The team of scientists in Tomsk has also succeeded in developing specialized sources of power supply, which significantly reduce electricity consumption. Their quality increases when they are covered with a thin layer of nano-material. Besides, they become more ecologically friendly, which is very important.

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