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Dry earth in the Sonora desert, Mexico.

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Having enough water during a drought can be a challenge, especially when residents are asked to conserve.

But a Central Texas man has created a contraption where you can make your own water out of thin air, and it’s been getting a lot of attention in our record breaking heat.

A refreshing drink is derived from thin air. The water was made the day before from the air we breathe. For Terry LeBleu, the reason behind his invention of the ‘Drought Master’ is simple.

“We’re still drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank millions of years ago. It’s never left the Earth, it’s just gone through the cycle. Problem is that the water nowadays is just so polluted, that you just really can’t drink it,” LeBleu said.

LeBleu invented his water making machine in 1997 for his father who had cancer and didn’t drink enough water because he didn’t like the way his faucet water tasted.

“In fact his doctors used to come over and take the water out of the machine to get it analyzed because he was doing so good,” LeBleu said.

The water-making machine transformed into a resource to use during emergencies such as hurricanes and now drought. He has several different versions capable making and storing up to 55 gallons at a time.

“I’ve got about 2,000 orders. Everyday I’m getting more,” LeBleu said.

A former A/C repairman and full time tinkerer, LeBleu realized he could help quench the thirst of people who do not have access to water. Simply put, the water is pulled from the humidity in the air. The more humid, the faster the water can be processed. It takes about two days to fill a 55-gallon drum. LeBleu has patented his invention.

“So when I filed this patent I put the procedure or the process of a condensing coil and an evaporating coil making the water and that’s how these work,” LeBleu said.

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