Sep 022011

The Innovation Hotel is IHG‘s online showcase and creative hub for sustainable hotel design

The Innovation Hotel is IHG‘s online showcase and creative hub for sustainable hotel design, giving examples of what future hotels might look like if they use sustainable technologies.

Version 2.0 retains all the features of the original site but is now even more engaging and interactive. The new site has a refreshed design and includes a number of additional features; including real-life hotel case studies demonstrating how IHG hotels are already implementing sustainable ideas, such as the InterContinental San Francisco, Howard Street, which offers the Zipcar Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle for guests to get around in an eco-friendly way. Another example is a roof-top herb garden watered by AC condensate at the Holiday Inn San Antonio International Airport.

Other features include further integration with Green Engage, IHG’s environmental management system, and added opportunities for guests to collaborate and share ideas through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The ideas contributed from guests and the public will help IHG design, build and operate more sustainable hotels. The site’s dynamism and interactivity has brought about a step-change in the relationship with IHG and its stakeholders and demonstrates the company’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CR) and the implementation of responsible business practices.

David Jerome, IHG’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility said, “The Innovation Hotel is an initiative that allows our guests, stakeholders and employees to contribute ideas to making our hotels operate more sustainably.

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