Sep 132011
Bike Stands - Day 12 of Project 365

Image by purplemattfish via Flickr

It’s good news for commuters – as a Dales station has been kitted out with a revolutionary new invention.

Plus, one of the region’s railway lines has been nominated for a prestigious award.

As part of improvements at 29 stations in the East Midlands, Whatstandwell station has seen three new Streetpods introduced

The Streetpod is the latest in revolutionary cycle storage design. The invention provides bike protection in public location and open spaces, with the ability to secure the bike frame and both wheels with a single lock. 200 of the devices have been introduced at stations across the East Midlands.

David Horne of East Midlands Trains said: “Not all commuters are able to cycle directly to work, but many might be able to travel part of the way by bike.

“We believe by providing an additional 200 highly secure cycling spaces, we will encourage more people to cut down on their reliance on cars and consider alternative methods of transport when travelling to and from our stations.

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