Sep 072011

Vending machines and automated-checkout services were a small part of U.S culture back in 1888 with the invention of gumball dispensers.

Fast forward to now and you’re surrounded by machine automation. From a business perspective it’s more affordable to maintain a machine rather than pay an employee to sell some sodas, or the day’s paper. Walk in to a Wal-Mart and you’ll probably be familiar with the self-checkout process, but that’s a little different than what the company’s of today are trying to achieve.

Outside of your local brick and mortar stores you have a large online retail presence that many are willing to use, but it’s a pain when you have to wait for a package to arrive. It’s all about merging your online life with reality, and what better way to do that than to offer a vending machine that is stocked with the item you just ordered on Amazon.

That’s right, Amazon will stock a vending machine with the product you ordered. Sure, there are limitations, but the first arrival of these machines are already being installed at participating 7-Eleven locations. Just order your goods online, choose the local pick-up point of your choice, print the bar code, show up to the ATM-like machine, present code, take package from cubby hole, and leave.

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