Aug 192011
Glen Beck, I'm Stoopid

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Matt Richardson is not really famous, but he could be, thanks to a new device he has invented. The device is called The Enough Already, and Richardson created it because he was apparently “sick of hearing about the same people on TV over and over and over again.” Instead of whining about it or foregoing TV forever, like the rest of us, Richardson found a way to mute anyone on TV that has ever annoyed him.

The Enough Already works by using an Arduino board in combination with a video experimenter shield to scan and decode closed-captioning for names the user will input. Attaching an IR LED light to the device enables it to send out an infrared beam that will mute the TV anytime one of the inputted names comes up. The TV will stay muted for thirty seconds. If, during the thirty seconds, the name is mentioned again, it will stay muted. If not, the TV will return to unmuted programming.

The hardware is all open source, and supposedly, Richardson’s device is not difficult to put together.

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