Jul 062011

Very cool display technology . . .

We present superior digital images on crystal-clear glass panels. Invented by experienced entrepreneurs and scientists in Silicon Valley, our proprietary emissive display screens and special projectors take displays where they have never been before, to create digital displays on crystal-clear glass windows or windshields.

Enabled by the advanced materials of Sun Innovations Inc , the patented “emissive projection display” (EPD) technology turns any glass window or windshield to a scalable display, showing high contrast emissive images with unlimited viewing angles.

Unlike other “transparent displays”, our projective display screen is “crystal-clear” without any haze; it has unlimited viewing angles; the novel fluorescent screen completely absorbs and displays the projected image, without leaking through the screen onto viewers.

It is finding major applications as superior “digital signage” solution on store-front glass windows, allowing one to create neon-like digital animation or high definition video displays on clear glass panels. It also enables advanced full windshield head-up displays (fw-HUD), and high contrast projection display on a completely black screen.

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