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Skyfire (web browser)

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Richardson found a way to mute anyone on TV

While a lot of online video has made the move to HTML 5, there are
still plenty of Flash videos floating around that leave iDevice users
with a “Please Upgrade Flash” message on their displays. With Apple
seemingly unlikely to ever support Flash on its iOS devices, Skyfire
came to the rescue last year with its Skyfire browser
that allows Flash video to be viewed on said devices. Realizing that,
despite its lack of Flash support, most people are generally quite happy
using Safari, Skyfire has now released a standalone Flash player for
iOS devices called VideoQ.

VideoQ deals with Flash video in the same way as the Skyfire browser.
Instead of processing the Flash video on the device itself, which is on
Apple’s no go list, the video is rendered on Skyfire’s servers and
re-encoded in a HTML 5-compatible format before being relayed to the
VideoQ app on your iDevice.

VideoQ works with any mobile browsers that run into problems with
Flash video, including Safari and Opera. When the user comes across some
Flash video they’d like to check out, they tap the “Mail Link to this
Page” option in the browser and send it to [email protected] Users can
also manually copy and paste the URL into the VideoQ app or install a
bookmarklet to send the link. Then, upon launching the VideoQ app, the
video is waiting in the queue ready for viewing.

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