Jul 142011

While some inventions originating in Japan can seem a little quirky by Western standards, many of those are at the same time rather innovative.

This is certainly the case with the cooling foams and gels in spray-cans, which are cooling down Japanese city-dwellers this summer.

Many readers now enjoying summer in the Northern Hemisphere perhaps don’t mind dealing with the heat by using air-conditioners, but many of the power-conscious citizens of Japan reportedly do. According to the Japan Trends website, chilling foams and gels in spray-cans aren’t particularly new, but this season they have become a hit product. The whole idea is a part of the “setsuden” (energy saving) trend, currently gaining popularity among the Japanese.

One of the cooling products is a blue foam called “Hokkyoku Monogatari” (directly translated: “tales of the North Pole”), which sets after being sprayed onto the skin. It can be then molded into any shape, such as a bracelet or necklace, or it can be sprayed onto one’s body like graffiti, all providing the user with a chilling sensation.

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