Jun 042011

Quite recently, a dentist from St. Louis area has invented “the Dental Button” which helps relieving dental anxiety.

The button is meant to allow the patients to stop the drill of the dentist whenever they feel uncomfortable or whenever pain occurs.

The inventor is called Dr. Michael Edwards, and he has based his invention on the existence of another product that required well over 30 years of research in field, called the “morphine pump” (or patient controlled analgesics).

According to a study, patients are disposed to tolerate much better the discomfort with the help of this new product, mainly because they know they can stop the drill whenever they want to.

Only the thought that the patient can be in control will automatically reduce dental anxiety. By reducing anxiety, there is less perceived pain existent. If the dentist can work on patients that are more relaxed, that also means that the procedure/ treatment time can be reduced and productivity is thus increased. A win-win situation is formed this way, which is very important.

Across the world, dentists who have already made available the dental button for their patients say that they have noticed an increase of 15% in their business. Patients go more confidently to the dentist, knowing they have the power to stop that drill whenever they wish.

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