Jun 032011

A 4-year-old girl has beaten the odds and no longer needs a heart transplant thanks to something called the Berlin Heart.

It is a device that sits outside the patient’s chest with small tubes implanted into the body to pump the heart.

“The Berlin Heart helped my heart to get stronger,” said 4-year-old Sophie Upton.

Upton was a patient in an Edmonton hospital for two years waiting for a heart transplant. The mechanical device didn’t just give her the time she needed, it also gave her heart a chance to repair itself.

“She was the longest survivor of having a Berlin Heart,” said Dr. Ivan Rebeyka of the Stollery Children’s Hospital. “She is a little bit of a record breaker for us.”

Now Upton can live her life like any other child her age. Edward Upton says as soon as she could go play, she would.

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